BrunoT’s Highest Rated comment forms

July 14th, 2013 at 17:00

BrunoT’s Highest Rated comment forms

For god’s sake someone edit this columns to elminate the ones by those who know little more than the guys around the coffee machine at work. despite severe drops in dividends after oil prices crashed late last year (Not because unit/stock prices chop down, that is not a factor in dividends) A 1020% dividend is still light years ahead of any other detail. as oil rises back (It’s already way up from the lows trapped on tape) The returns will rise again. Do you seriously think that during a major depression that may last years your stocks will have real inflation adjusted gains equal to that? insanity. You also failed to mention that when the dollar drops in value soon and the canadian dollar doesn’t, Those dividends will get a multiplier effect from the foreign currency exchange that could add significantly. Or that if US oil stocks get hammered with “Excess earn money” Taxes by a democrat our elected representatives as oil prices rise, Canadian ones cannot. and in the end, The unit price of these canroys is 1/3 what it was just one year ago, And dividends happen to be adjusted to the lower price of oil. Even if oil halved again they could STILL pay out more than the stocks you in the list above. but what if oil returns to even $120/bbl? They double in unit price AND dividends are raised. I have some PWE paid for that yields me almost 30%. And the unit price is up over 50% since I bought it earlier. So stick that your own diet pipe and smoke it, “pro, How hard is that simple concept in order to?

apr 29 10:10 AMGold’s within about $10 of where it was 3 months ago and continues to pretty static. since when is that “But the fact gold is at rock bottom”?You show a complete lack of knowledge of money and economics. yellow metal “crashes” In an air compressor in what? vehicles? absolutely. houses? ‘. Only money. Who gives a flying fudge if the money necessary for gold in DOLLARS goes down if your gold buys you more oil, bungalows, motor cars, things you eat, Or other things that than before? you would buy much more house, gel, Or car with an oz of gold this past winter than you could summer months before, favorite price of gold “fell, THAT is one reason why gold is superior to dollars. It’s thought of not in numerical terms but regarding what real things it will buy. Get a proper economic education while you start pontificating to others about how to invest. You FIRE economy types killed the cost-effective futures of millions of trusting citizens who didn’t know you were nearly as clueless as they were. Please avoid another round of losses for your clients and get an decent economic college. rarely are, Technical idea of options and futures doesn’t count. Your 4% home mortgage solution is laughable. what are the results great wizard when this subsidy ends? Do you think when mortgage rates may return to market levels (Sky high because of your silly “picture money” Scheme wiping out the currency) Home prices will stable? are you willing to pay more for a home with a 12% mortgage than one with a 4% mortgage? little, You’ll simply postpone things and we’ll suffer yet again another crash then. the fact that you guys mix in this drivel and ignorance with actual good criticisms of the Obama “course of action” Only adds be mean to to injury, As you’ve in one swoop also managed to discredit anyone justifiably critical of his “Recklessness” By associating your bad ideas at their side.

should 6 10:21 AMAh, Everyone wants to be a celebrity economic whiz kid forecaster hawking their own little get rich quick schemes. servicing nobody listens, exactly how do they do? They decide putting the name of someone who DID get noticed in a column so as to draw readers to their otherwise pretty lonely world. But hey all, Based on the comments, I see your tactic of knocking others is already a millionaire! Hahahaaha,One of my interests in life is calling people out. Call it violent, Or call it plain dumb I am a hockey player by training make sure you remember, that’s just what I do,if that is your passion, Is being a douche just part of your task?

may possibly 28 12:16 PMLet’s see how you did various one:1. Completely misquoted the man in the column.2. Compared a short term forecast by the fed on inflation over future years with a prediction of eventual hyperinflation in which no time frame was given. I am sure you could die. Is that the same as saying you are likely to die in 3 years? Think it’s fair equivalence? 3. You failed to back up your assertions everything remotely resembling proof or a coherent argument except for quoting the fed’s “laser target rate, And of course everyone knows the Fed never lies or is inappropriate! Does it occur to you that this mess was caused by the same federal reserve you’re putting your trust in? Thankfully is familiar with that using terms like “Ludicrous/extreme/sen. Is considered a legitimate substitute for facts when you’re making an argument.4. You refer to a man giving interviews to legitimate news sources as “offering” inflation. I’m guessing you wanted us to infer he’s up to something nefarious experienced that word, Like he’s selling fake Rolex watches on a street corner. Meanwhile you’re here trying to drum up clients by writing columns and plainly listing your Company’s services. You might gain more credibility manner.

should 27 05:09 PMIt’s very very confusing. I find it hard to feel massive printing of money and handing it out to those who didn’t earn it, With no end in view, Is a good thing. and so, the real estate market will punish this behavior. certainly no “Something for nothing” in your life. I also are convinced living it up now and not worrying about how to pay for it will lead to ruin later. Isn’t that just a wise practice? appears to me like we’ve punished savings and rewarded indebtedness. My other hunch is that those favoring the deflation theories are simply whistling in the graveyard, Looking for an excuse as to why this massive money creation to temporarily prop our standard of living up is a good thing. that nice if we could make the money supply all even, “ideal, choose to 3 bears story. But at the same time our story won’t end happily.

january 21 01:22 PMSilly men all considering the best way to use government to manipulate markets. Does occur to any of you that that is why we’re in this situation from the get go? Let the business decide the price, interest rates, And down payment specifications. Or have you all led such cushy soft lives that you can’t stand the idea of a few years of pain? Nobody should be raising or lowering rates or home values. although fool with market forces they snap back and bite you in the rear end. Too bad they don’t teach good sense in business schools.

Dec 25 02:20 PMMuch of the comment here is unrealistic passing as fact. Hegemony be damned, When you can’t pay your bills as a nation you print money and when you print money you debase it. Fact of presence. As for the issue of “creation change” in gold, Please try maintain. One has no to shave off bits of physical gold from a bar to pay the grocer. We already have debit cards and debit card technology. You’ll just down payment your gold with a bank and ‘gold grams” Will be debited as required to pay your bills. GOLD will become A COMPETING CURRENCY. (Unless the govn’t seizes it to prevent your competitors)Some people here will need to go take a beginner course on what money was, is considered, and constantly will be. It’s a medium of switch, Store of benefits, that’s exactly all. Any form you can print and make easily will for you to eventually fail. It’s too tempting to make your own money to pay your national bills with as raising taxes. And it’s uninformed at best to think that gold will rise in value ONLY when there is a chaotic breakdown and chaos. Has he checked the amount since 2001? Has he compared it to any other asset class? Has he looked at payment supply figures? Has he heard the numbers tossed around in a variety of bailouts? It would be one thing if a person could even match real inflation with CD’s or bonds, But it’s even if it’s just close. It were for years. Then compare that to the oil an ounce of gold will buy you. Nearly double! By that metric gold is way way up. Then find the best an oz of gold to the dow. The ratio went from similar to 151 to 101. So after more, option form up. The Dow is over 40%. Gold is absolutely not. An oz of gold also buys more villa, More vehicle, and even more agricultural commodities than it did a year ago. Sounds to me like it’s serving its role as a true store of benefits. only if one went “each of in” near the $1,000/oz all this was not a bad year at all.