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The transparent bottom design of rolex Cellini series

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015

2Rolex Cellini series can be regarded as the only formal watches in rolex and this series is also the only transparent bottom design. So from this, we can know the series are different from other Rolex watches. rolex cellini replica series was named after the venerable Italy renaissance of artists, Goldsmith and the Vatican sculptor Benvenuto Cellini. This name also reflects the exquisite and elegant features of this series.

Cellini series belongs to the weird of Rolex watches, unlike other rolex watches; it’s simple and decent, noble and elegant design let people can’t find any disadvantages. Rolex Cellini Prince watches launched in 1928 and with its precise timing technology to win the prominent position in the history of the wrist watch. In order to show its extraordinary refined, rolex designed unusual time display for this watch. And this is the hour pointer and minute hand cloth on one side of the adjustment spindle, the second hand on the other side. Because of this, the Cellini series get the patent.

Rolex Cellini Date 50515 watches
Cellini Date watches added the calendar function on the pointer of deputy dial plate. The Cellini Date has four styles: decorated with“Rayon flammé de la gloire” radial costa black or silver surface, the 39mm watchcase match with 18ct white gold or eternal rose gold. This watch equipped with crocodile watchband, according to the model match with gloss black brown style.

Rolex Cellini Prince series watches
The length of this oblong replica rolex Cellini Prince watch case is 45mm and the Width is 29mm, the watch is made of 18ct gold, white gold and rose gold. The five designs are: champagne “clou de Paris”dial plate, silver “godron circulaire”, diamante silver “godron circulaire” Round grain dial plate, black silver two-tone two “rayon flamme?de la gloire” radial costa dial plate. According to the different types of watches, the watchband is different. The Prince series equipped with black or brown crocodile watchband and carry with 18ct Giallo Vermont watch clasp.

Rolex Cellini CESTELLO 5330/9 watches
Rolex Cellini series officially released in 1968, the Cellini CESTELLO wristwatch match with classical rounded dial plate and the mobilizable ear design make this watch look more attractive. The Cestello watches was named after the Italy San Frediano church, for the people who are looking for the elegant, classical and good looking watches, this Cestello watches is your best choice. Rolex launched the new Cellini watches, although adopt oyster watchcase but it’s water resistant only to 50mm, so we can know this new Cellini is not adopt the pure Rolex oyster design.