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Appreciate Rolex Milgauss Watches

Friday, December 4th, 2015

3Milgauss is the classical watches of Rolex professional oyster type watches which launched in 1956, and the model type was launched in 2007. This year, Rolex milgauss replica changed a dial plate and come again, Lets’ know about it:

Rolex 116400GV


The mean of Milgauss is antimagnetic about 1000 gauss; it’s designed for engineers, the feature of this watch is high antimagnetic, When launched in 2007, because it with the green crystal glass, so people called it “ green glass” and still is the classical popular up to now. This year, Rolex added Milgauss blue dial plate, make this watch looks more fashion and more antimagnetic.

Dial plate

In fact, Rolex haven’t do some large changes of this watch in all respects, The pointer is still the orange Milgauss, both of the time scale and pointer are Barton needle, the luminous material still not change, Only change the blue dial plate.


For the expert, although they know the details of rolex replica watches, but they still convinced. Viewed from the side, the watchcase of shape, line, radian, polish, is very perfect and all of these are worth to taste.

Watch mirror

With 904L stainless steel and both of the watch ears are solid. First the watch mirror of this watch made with mineral substance glass which called Acrylic, Then used Sapphire crystal glass, but anyway, Rolex use the green crystal is still advanced. It’s not say the material, but the color.


As waterproof, the antimagnetic is more difficult, In order to antimagnetic, the dial plate can’t open the calendar window and the crown must use screwing-type, to reduce the intervals as far as possible. The screwing-type also become the Standard of Rolex watches.


As the professional of antimagnetic watch, the bottom of Rolex is pretty good. The inner with ferrimag antimagnetic case which to protect the movement, this is the first protection measure and also is the most widely-used antimagnetic structure. The inner of this bottom carried with 3031 auto movement which approved by COSC.