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The Rolex Explorer II – The fusion of excellent technology and pioneering spirit of adventure

Monday, November 30th, 2015

1The Explorer model is the best example of the perfect fusion of Rolex and the other watch. Since the late 1920s, Rolex has had a laboratory test, watch performance in various harsh environments. By virtue of this outstanding pioneer spirit of exploration, on several occasions, rolex replica watches accompany with the explorers climb the Himalayas and their exploration experience to watch the development and continuously improving. Here is a detailed introduction to the Rolex watch the most classic watch Explorer II.

Rolex Explorer II models recommendation – 16570-78790
Having a Rolex – Explorer II 16570-78790’s white machine series, this Rolex watch has a 24-hour incremental pointer 24 hours for an outer scale and red. There is help to distinguish between night and day time. And the 3 o’clock direction has a calendar display. And also, the Rolex classic Mercedes Benz three needles can be more to add an elegant design for this watch.

Rolex Explorer type: to explore during the journey where never can stop the foot of the explorers and they are encouraged to challenge the top of the peak, at the end of the polar region, the depths of the earth and fire and volcanoes no one set foot in the Jedi. What’s more, to being on the earth’s discovery, the explorer is the courage, perseverance and spirit of adventure trial. The Rolex oyster perpetual Explorer II watch is of deeper harmony and more high level of product description. The Explorer type II is the pioneer and full of adventurous as the symbol of the adventure watch.

It is difficult to distinguish the actual time when you cannot distinguish between day and night due to the whole unclear day or night. However, only a weak of the light can be enough, and it is the Rolex oyster perpetual Explorer II watch. To this end, This rolex explorer replica is specially equipped to identify the day and night functions. For those in need of day stay in the dark cave, cave scientists to work with artificial lighting, this watch can be described as a very important survival gear.