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‘No a lot of people’s Land’ R

Monday, August 26th, 2013

We have tolerated purple vegetables, fruits, BMW sellers and babyonboard signs, But we must draw the cloths line at yuppie gangster movies. Or else they may make more of them. Sweeney.

shine, specific foxhole ingue of “Platoon, Sneers good as Ted Varrick, A contemptuous chop shop chief and assumed copkiller. As the supplement of an upperclass background, He steals for thrills and to come back to at his parents, some jetsetters. “daily routines of the rich and aimless, He dubs his circular image, Which actually is a pretty good description of the movie.

Sweeney, Who debuted as the affiliate in “back gardens of Stone, Plays his new wife, seriously an undercover cop named Benjy Taylor. A rookie from a kindly bluecollar family, He is dizzied by the highspeed chases and all the champagne he can drink.

principally, The movie is set in underground parking lots where the car thieves sneak up on their quarry by carrying Rodeo Drive shopping bags as disguises. these individuals hotwire Porsches, Squeal around the labyrinthine ramps, Make big bucks fast and dance the night away at clubs frequented by women with successful breast implants. Benjy, Who is certainly as cuddly as his doggy namesake, Realizes this is nothing to sniff at and becomes unsure of his true loyalties.

Then Varrick’s kid sister Isabella Rossellini clone Lara Harris stares her distance to his heart. they enjoy a chaste love scene and some wooden dialogue and we just don’t know what the hero will do now that he has seen her midriff. cindy Werner, with sufficient of documentaries and “Moonlighting” periods to his credit, Directs this outofgas see the young and the mobile. this kind of movie needs is more macho, greater moxie, More outlook. load it up, And make it high the male growth hormone.