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MY PASSION FOR jewellery

Friday, August 16th, 2013

I am talking about my favorite Passion in life I have just retired and have plentyof time on my hands. i must say from a fairly early adult life I have Loved Jewellery. Havent had a great deal of money but over the years have enjoyed even on holiday looking in Jewellers Windows in the shops. Now today it is a very Sad situation wherby there are less Jewellery shops in the High Streetsor Malls. Which would is sad. I must say I could spend hours looking at jewellery. The jewelers windows were always shiny bright lights and lovely displays. Nowadays these are quite few.

Jewellery is fascinating all types of jewellery made from several materials. gem stones,gold and silver,beans, covers,Probably Egypt was the first civiisation to use gold as appreciated metal. apparently Diamonds Pearls and many precious stones are used. Today you can have jewellery for almost any part of the body. Jewellery is loved by nearl all females and it is a gift treasured by many for all these special occasions. Prices to suit every. From good value pieces to Expensive ones. Gifts your current needs. Rings Watches wristbands, activation Rings. Some of businesses on this site are: James Allen for gourmet Diamond Rings. Swarovski Crystal Pendants and a great block. Gemvara Some Stunning jewellery Rings earings Love Nots Tiffany and Co (accepted) the name speaks for itself.