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Top 10 travel gadgets that will change your life

Saturday, July 20th, 2013

´╗┐Top 10 travel gadgets that will change your life

It used to be all about cameras with HD video and waterproof capabilities, but these days it’s all about 3D video. Sony’s MHSFS3 Bloggie 3D HD Camera (AKA the ‘Bloggie’, for short) will hits the shelves in April.

This little beast can shoot up to 240 minutes of 2D and 3D footage and can take 5 megapixel stills. The 3D video footage can be viewed on the camera’s LCD, but for playback on other screens you’ll need 3D goggles and a 3D TV.

Priced at a reasonable $250, we secretly hope that it sparks an onslaught of 3D travel movies, thereby boring holiday photo home slideshows will become a thing of the past.

Travelling with your laptop might be a helluva lot more convenient than lugging around your desktop, but seasoned travellers will tell you how quickly a standard 13inch affair magically transforms into a ton of bricks once inside your suitcase.

Enter the mini notebook. These little guys don’t pack as much punch as bigger laptops, but for word processing, sending emails, and connecting to the internet they’re great. Prices range from around $130$600 and they weigh in between 1.11.3kg.

When travelling with a laptop of any sort you should consider encrypting it before you jump on the plane. Besides stopping thieves from gaining access to your data, you’ll also thwart customs in countries where it’s now legal to search and copy your hard drive (read more about that here).

Laptop encryption is not as hard as you may think. Read this online tutorial to get an overview of how computer encryption works.

Skiers, surfers, snowboarders, and any other traveller out there into adventure sports prepare to drool. The GoPro is a wearable water and shockproof HD camera which mounts to just about anything, meaning you no longer have to ski dangerously with one hand and juggle your HD recorder with the other.

Expect professional quality 1080p/960p/720p HD resolutions recording at 30 and 60 frames per second (that’s broadcast quality, shredheads), time lapse and standard 5 megapixel photo functions.

Watch the GoPro promo video and you’ll easily see how this travel gadget lives up to its slogan “Be a hero.” Prices start at $259 and go up from there. Want it bad? Yep.

In today’s tech age, the Swissbit Swiss Army 4GB USB Flash Drive is another must have. Use the inbuilt flash stick to transfer your photos and documents during the day, and the knife and scissors to cut your way through the jungle (or perhaps for less gallant tasks, like clipping your toenails) at night.

Knives haven’t been allowed on planes since shoulder pads were the rage. So fortunately the USB stick detaches from the Swissbit, allowing you to pack it in your carryon while the rest of the pocket knife travels with your luggage in the hold.

MeNoSpeak Books and iPhone Apps

Since they were first launched in 2007, the Menospeak range has received a lot of press. At a glance it’s no surprise why. These passportsized books contain pictures of basic traveller necessities with subtitles translated into the local language. Pointing your way through a language barrier is a lot quicker than fumbling around with universal sign language.

For those with an iPhone, the range now offers apps in a variety of languages.

While the technology is not new, foldup bikes are slowly becoming a favourite of travellers who love to explore new destinations on their own set of wheels.

Forget paying hefty deposits and dayhire fees for rental bicycles. Just unfold your bike and off you go. And if you find that your hotel or backpackers is located in a seedy part of town, you won’t have to worry about locking your bike outside: just fold it up and take it in with you instead.

A bike also affords travellers an additional level of personal safety: pickpockets can’t target you while you’re riding, and if you find yourself in a dodgy situation you’ll be able to cruise away fast.

Fold upbikes come in all shapes and sizes, and yes ; you can take them as checkin luggage on planes, usually without having to pack it into a box like regular bikes.

Brompton are by far the world leader in packandpeddles and come highly recommended.

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