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Hecker accused of failing to report jewelry

Monday, July 1st, 2013

´╗┐Hecker accused of failing to report jewelry

A bankruptcy trustee has sued auto dealer Denny Hecker for allegedly failing to report ownership of at least four Rolex watches and other jewelry worth more than $238,000.

The complaint was filed Monday by trustee Randall Seaver.

Seaver said the bankrupt auto dealer was supposed to list with the court all property he owned on July 1. Hecker reported four Rolex watches worth $22,400 and numerous other items at the time. However, Seaver said he recently received an insurance schedule that shows Hecker insuring eight Rolex watches.

Seaver said he learned only last Thursday that Hecker had canceled or attempted to cancel an insurance policy that lists various unreported jewelry items. The insurance schedule listed a men’s gold and diamond bracelet worth $7,387, a ring valued at $3,087 and eight Rolex watches worth more than $260,000.

Seaver said there are discrepancies between the value Hecker assigned to some jewelry in court records and the value he placed on them for insurance purposes. For example, Hecker told the court his wedding ring had a value of $24,000. However, it was insured for $53,692, Seaver said.

Seaver asked the court to order Hecker to immediately turn over all the insured jewelry to him. And he is demanding that Hecker again insure all jewelry items that might have been dropped from coverage.

Hecker will appear in court Wednesday to testify in his personal bankruptcy case, which was filed June 4.