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Thursday, June 13th, 2013

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The trend of cutting social security with the demographics of an aging population will lead to an increasing gini coefficient. Now suppose that we achieve a society with 1000 people each having 40 billion dollars. So the entire wealth of the nation was held by these 3000 people. And they paid no taxes. And each was frugal and lived off 100,000 dollars per year. Would the velocity of money be zero?Also what would be the social implications? As our system is currently 70 percent consumption the GDP would basically collapse, by about 69 percentJust a thought experiment about the practical exigencies involved Is that what some would call an end game?

Apr 21 10:26 AMI really like the article. That said I find it interesting when people use ‘Median household income’ in such charts. Should Median household income be charted against sales of Rolex watches? John McCain owns 11 homes. If a large proportion of houses are being bought by people in the top 10 percent of income then the top 10 percent of income is better to look at than the medium income. They buy them and rent them out.

Mar 20 12:07 AMPaul I would be curious how many other large cap outliers like amazon exist. It seems like amazon grabs a piece of of every trendy thing that comes out. Cloud, kindle, cell phones whatever no specializationGives me impression they will do everything in a poor wayPersonally I look to buy from best in classHeck next amazon will be selling there own electric car?Frankly wanted to buy some things there as a one stop shop but when looked at delivery cost ended up ordering books from b free delivery and stopping by Office Depot for the other itemThen again could have made a fortune off amazon if knew why it keeps going up

Mar 5 11:24 PMIT how has the usa being doing for the past 30 years. 20k for medical insurance for s family of 4 for 1 yearWhy should anyone start a business here if it is a real free enterprise business and not on the doleHeard about the woman who spent 600k on her husbands cancer? What happened. And a European told me she goes to Europe for healthcare as she thinks it is betterBoth my daughters were born at Mayo clinic. I did not feel well served. One time we had a racist nurse. The other time a student doctorAt 18k a popLet me know if you ever decide to protest

Jan 17 07:12 PMMoon what about TCS. Tata consulting services. It’s companies like tcs that are creating big headaches for ibm. TCS is the next wave where chinese and Indian companies start beating on so called american multinationals. American multis have argued offshore the grunts to improve profits. But never offshore the ceo. But guys like tata are going to see that the CEO gets off shored. Actually the entire company. I love it. Look at Lenovo CEO from china and kicking hp butt. I have waited 30 years to see what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. IBM will be torn to pieces and so will hp