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Mike Wong’s Highest Rated Comments Page 3

Sunday, June 9th, 2013

´╗┐Mike Wong’s Highest Rated Comments Page 3

WisPokerGuy, Well said. Looking at the FACTS:AAPL went up from 420 to 644 because1. People expected another blowout 2Q12 not necessarily as good as 1Q 12, but similar earnings growth over 2Q112. People expected a blowout 2012 Annual growth over 2011Then, AAPL dropped from 644 to 5581. VZ (holy smokes, if everybody else dropped the same amount, and China didn’t .)2. Ensuing Panic sellingNow lets look at the facts:1. AAPL has NEVER come in under guidance. 2. AAPL has ONLY issed the most optimistic comments about their prospects.3. AAPL announced a dividend and a stock buy back.4. If AAPL was to come in BELOW guidance, don’t u think they have to warn ahead of time, or risk being sued?

Apr 23 11:04 AMTim,Your stocks high dividends are worth mentioning ONLY if they are sustainable. dollars.”. What you missed is that PWE revenues are in USD, and the decline actually helped INCREASE their recognized revenues in Canadian dollars. That kind of information is valuable to investors interested in capital preservation.