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Jerseyans tagged as Olympic Hopefuls

Sunday, June 30th, 2013

Jerseyans tagged as Olympic Hopefuls

Three Jerseyans are among those namedClay Johnson of Toms River in the Olympic Laser class; Scott Whitman of Brick in the Paralympic SKUD 18; and Rick Doerr of Clifton in the Paralympic Sonar.

Following is the US Sailing announcement. (March 16, 2009) US Sailing, the national governing body for the sport, is proud to announce the new 2009 US Sailing Team AlphaGraphics (USSTAG).

Fueled by elite sailing talent and leadership, the Olympic Sailing Program is building momentum towards the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Weymouth/Portland, England.

The new team consists of rising sailing stars as well as many top sailors in the world, including 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist and US Sailing’s Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year Anna Tunnicliffe, 2008 Olympic Silver Medalist Zach Railey, 2008 Paralympic Gold Medalist Maureen McKinnonTucker, 2008 Paralympic Bronze Medalist John Ruf and 1988 Olympic gold medalist Allison Jolly.

Based on results at US Sailing’s 2009 Rolex Miami OCR, US Sailing has selected the top three boats in each Olympic and Paralympic class for the 2009 USSTAG. Two boats declined to pursue Olympic/Paralympic campaigns, so the Star and SKUD18 classes include the top two boats.

US Sailing Team AlphaGraphics members are consistently ranked the top sailors in the world by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF). Anna Tunnicliffe has been ranked number one in the world in the Laser Radial class since April, 2008.

She is also number one in the ISAF Sailing World Cup standings, after winning gold medals at US Sailing’s 2009 Rolex Miami OCR in January and Sail Melbourne in December 2008. USSTAG members Stu McNay and Graham Biehl are also ranked first in the Men’s 470, thanks to a gold medal at Rolex Miami OCR and a silver at Sail Melbourne; Scott Whitman and Julia Dorsett are first in the SKUD18 class after setting an event record by winning every race in Miami.

The Olympic Sailing Program is focused on developing a strong, cohesive team and training culture to ensure high performance for the next four years leading up to the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Weymouth/Portland, England.

Goals for 2009 include continuing to support team members and instituting a more collaborative culture of knowledge sharing and joint training. The program also wants to give team members every opportunity to become the very best in their classes and compete at the top international regattas, including the ISAF Sailing World Cup events and Olympic and Paralympic class world championships.

US Sailing provides these top athletes with financial, fundraising, logistical, performance (including coaching and onandoffthewater fitness training) and marketing and communication support.

The USSTAG is proud to be supported by several outstanding sponsors, including the team’s firstever title partner, AlphaGraphics, as well as Gold level partners Rolex Watch USA and Atlantis WeatherGear. The team is also sponsored by Silver partner Sperry TopSider and Bronze partners LaserPerformance, Harken and Team McLube.

Dive Watch Review

Sunday, June 30th, 2013

Dive Watch Review

The main thing to remember with dive watches is that they are not substitutes for a dive computer. But a dive watch combined with the analog gauges that come standard on octopus sets can do the same job as a dive computer, and some divers prefer to have a nicelooking item that they can wear on the street. Therefore, aesthetics are an important consideration in a dive watch.

If you intend to use a dive watch’s features underwater, the knobs and buttons need to be easy to handle when they are slippery and you are wearing dive gloves and possibly dealing with nitrogen narcosis. Likewise, the digital readouts and clock hands need to be easy to see in dark and murky waters.

Comparison shop. Dive watches are sold in stores that sell fine watches, dive shops and online. Don’t rule out any options, but always keep extras such as the warranty in mind when comparing price tags. It does little good to buy a $99 used dive watch on eBay if it springs a leak at 60 feet.

It is possible to find some dive watches for less than $100, but quality watches are usually more expensive. One would be hardpressed to find a Seiko dive watch for less than $130, for example. At the top end of the spectrum are Rolex Oyster dive watches that retail at almost $8,000 in 2009.

Some products are marketed as “dive watchcomputers,” but these are essentially dive computers with a little decorative polish. They are more discrete than the typical, bulky dive computer, but look like cheap electronic wrist watches. They have their value but are no substitute for a fine wristwatch.

Jesse Jackson Jr pleads guilty to misusing funds

Saturday, June 29th, 2013

Jesse Jackson Jr pleads guilty to misusing funds

Former US congressman Jesse Jackson Jr has pleaded guilty to misusing about $750,000 in campaign funds on luxuries, such as fur capes and a Rolex watch.

Jackson Jr, 47, told US District Judge Robert Wilkins he had supplemented his income with political campaign funds for seven years.

Prosecutors said they may ask for a fiveyear prison sentence in the corruption case the maximum permitted by law while his legal team said it may argue for four or less.

Sentencing is scheduled for 28 June.

“His campaign funds were a personal piggy bank,” Ronald Machen, US attorney for Washington, told a news conference.

Jackson Jr, once considered among the US most promising black politicians, expressed regret for misusing the campaign money.

At one point, he turned around to face his family and appeared to mouth the words: “I sorry.”

“I fully understand the consequences of my actions,” Jackson Jr, who dropped out of public view last year and underwent treatment for bipolar disorder, told the judge.

Waiving his right to a jury trial, he said: “I have no interest in wasting the taxpayers time, or their money.”

Mr Jackson Sr, and other relatives and friends sat in the front rows of the Washington courtroom. The elder Jackson declined to answer reporters questions after the hearing.

The former congressman wife, Sandi, tearfully pleaded guilty at a separate hearing yesterday to filing false tax returns that did not report the campaign money as income.

She is a former member of the Chicago City Council.

She walked into the hearing holding hands with her husband just hours after he also had pleaded guilty.

Jackson Jr signed an agreement with federal prosecutors to end an investigation into his personal finances. Prosecutors said he had cooperated fully with them.

The prosecutors had accused Jackson Jr of shipping a $43,350 man Rolex watch purchased with campaign funds to his Washington address.

He also sent fur capes and parkas purchased with $5,150 in campaign funds from Beverly Hills to the home of an unnamed person, court documents said.

The government had said earlier that Jackson Jr must forfeit tens of thousands of dollars worth of celebrity memorabilia derived from the alleged crimes, including a $4,600 fedora that once belonged to the late pop star Michael Jackson.

He must also forfeit $5,000 worth of footballs signed by US presidents, $10,105 in memorabilia from martial arts film star Bruce Lee and $11,130 in Martin Luther King Jr memorabilia.

dollar transfusion for the economy

Saturday, June 29th, 2013

dollar transfusion for the economy

Kay Hagan’s leadership to create jobs in the United States by sponsoring the Foreign Earnings Reinvestment Act with Sen. John McCain. companies to bring their profits earned overseas at a temporarily reduced tax rate. It is a private stimulus, not funded by the taxpayers, and comes at a time when there are few options left to jumpstart our economy. Congress should act now to enact it into law. businesses that want to bring their foreign earnings to America to create jobs. With the right changes to our tax laws, we can bring that money home to support and accelerate our capital program investments in smart grid technology, retire and replace older coal plants, and build natural gas and renewable generation.

America has the secondhighest corporate tax rate in the world. businesses that want to bring their foreign earnings to America by incrementally taxing these profits after business has already paid their fair share of taxes to the country where the earnings were generated. We need action now to unlock this cash so it can be put to work here at home. and endure the exorbitant taxes, leave it in foreign banks overseas or continue to reinvest offshore profits offshore.

Studies show that had we included temporary investment incentives in the 2009 Recovery Act, it would have injected $565 billion into our economy in repatriated earnings, created an additional 2.6 million jobs, including nearly 2.1 million manufacturing jobs, and reduced the federal budget deficit by an average of nearly $46 billion a year over five years.

This was an opportunity missed, and these figures underscore how much we stand to gain by making a different choice today.

History strongly supports this approach. Congress enacted a similar measure in 2004 and it had an overwhelmingly positive impact, including reinvesting more than $300 billion into the American economy, creating jobs, financing new plants and R D projects, increasing federal revenues, increasing GDP and lowering the unemployment rate.

Our economic recovery has floundered in recent months. Kay Hagan and John McCain are showing extraordinary bipartisan leadership when we need it more than ever. The Foreign Earnings Investment Act is just the shot in the arm our economy needs to create jobs in America to get our economy on the road to a sustained economic recovery.

How can you tell a replica Rolex watch from one that is genuine

Friday, June 28th, 2013

How can you tell a replica Rolex watch from one that is genuine

It should have a very slight tick (not one per second but rather 5 or 6 ticks per second.) If you look very closely you can see this minor tick.

This has been a big misconception regarding Rolex watches, “sweeping” versus “ticking”. And in the past people used this as a method of identifying counterfeit Rolex watches.

The truth is, genuine Rolex watches do, in fact, “tick”. However, they tick at around 5 to 6 times per second, so it gives the illusion of “sweeping” or “floating” around the dial. If you watch the second hand with a loupe you can see it.

In the past, cheap counterfeits would utilize quartz movements, and thus would “tick” once per second. However, these days counterfeits use mechanical movements that appear to “float”, but only at around 3 to 4 times per second. This gives what we call a “choppy step”, and can also be spotted with a loupe.

With that being said, Rolex also made quartz watches, since the 1970s, but were discontinued a few years ago. However, these models were only made in very small quantity, and represented only around 2% of their total watch production. Another Rolex model, the Trubeat, featured a mechanical movement that was designed to “tick” only once per second. This “dead beat” seconds feature wasn very popular and the watch was discontinued shortly after it was introduced, in 1954..

How to cook around diet restrictions during holidays

Friday, June 28th, 2013

How to cook around diet restrictions during holidays

Food can become a source of anxiety at this time of year for people with serious dietary restrictions. It can also complicate meal planning for everyone else.If you’re generally healthy, you can probably get away with a few holiday dietary indiscretions. Not so for people living with diabetes, high blood pressure, food allergies, and other diseases and conditions that require them to pay close attention to what they eat.If you are going to be feeding family or friends with special dietary needs, simple meal planning strategies can make socializing easier and more enjoyable for everybody. Try some of these:Go for the least common denominator. Adjust recipes to accommodate the most restrictive diet. It’s not as hard as it sounds.If you’re feeding someone on a sodium restriction, start by cutting out the salt.You can also buy reducedsodium ingredients such as soy sauce and canned tomato products or rinse canned beans to remove much of the added salt. Nobody needs the salt, but if people want to add it, let them use a shaker to customize their portion to their own taste.Same goes for many sweet desserts. If you’re feeding someone who has to control the amount of concentrated sugars they eat, serve foods with less added sugar.Either cut back on the amount in the recipe, or serve something that satisfies a sweet tooth without being syrupy sweet. A slice of cocoalaced angel food cake with a small scoop of ice cream or a fluted glass filled with mixed berries and a dollop of whipped cream would work.You can reduce the sugar by at least 25 percent in most cookie and quick bread recipes with little if any difference in flavor or function.Pick favorites that happen to be healthful. Instead of worrying about one person’s fat restriction, another’s salt ban, and somebody else’s issues with refined carbohydrates, serve foods that are good for whatever ails you but also taste good.I’m thinking of fourbean salad, whole grain dinner rolls, fruit salad, baked potatoes, steamed broccoli or asparagus and entrees made with plenty of vegetables and wholegrain ingredients, all made with no added sugars and with vegetable oils instead of animal fats.Use smart substitutes. Make Christmas cookies but use healthier fats such as Earth Balance or similar products that are low in saturated fat and transfatfree.Offer enough options. Food allergies and intolerances to gluten, lactose, wheat, nuts and other ingredients pose special challenges.One way to deal with diet restrictions is to make multiple choices available. That’s why buffet meals work so well during the holidays.

Accused refused bail over 100

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

Accused refused bail over 100

Liver transplant recipient Clive Kavanagh (41), from Portland Row, and Michael Martin (25), from Oriel Street Upper, both in Dublin’s north innercity, were charged with stealing jewellery worth 100,000 during a raid on Dawson Jewellers’ store on Dawson Street in Dublin city centre last Friday.

They were also charged with possession of a firearm in suspicious circumstances an offence that carries a mandatory minimum fiveyear sentence.

Shop owner Ken McDonagh helped foil an attempt to rob jewellery including highend Rolex and Cartier watches. A man, who is in his 30s, remains in hospital with injuries suffered after he was tackled by Mr McDonagh.

Garda Eugene McCarthy, from Harcourt Terrace garda station, and Chief Superintendent John Twomey objected to bail in the cases of both men.

Gda McCarthy referred to the seriousness of the charges and said the maximum term on conviction for the firearms offence was life imprisonment.

Tony Collier, solicitor for Mr Martin, applied for bail before Judge Ann Ryan, saying his client still enjoyed the presumption of innocence, had not been given an opportunity to defend himself and had made no admissions.

He said there was no evidence that Mr Martin was a “flight risk”. He said his client had a young child, was on social welfare and would abide by bail conditions. Mr Collier said his client was on a methadone programme and his family had come up with a sum of 5,000 as bail money.

Solicitor Jenny McGeever, for Mr Kavanagh, said her client, who is on a methadone programme, had health difficulties and had undergone a liver transplant. She said he would comply with bail conditions.

45 million cyber crime scheme

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

45 million cyber crime scheme

prosecutors said on Thursday.

Images taken from the phone of a suspect, who was one of the eight individuals charged with using data obtained by hacking into two credit card processors in a cybercrime scheme, are presented at a news conference in New York, May 9, 2013. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

Members of the global criminal organization hacked into two credit card processors and used stolen data to make more than 40,500 withdrawals in 27 countries, during two separate coordinated incidents in December 2012 and February 2013, the Justice Department said. Attorney Loretta Lynch said was the secondbiggest bank robbery in the history of New York City.

Lynch said it was likely that the headquarters of the global scheme was located outside the United States and that the current charges focused only on the New Yorkbased cell. Investigators were examining whether other cells were operating elsewhere in the United States, she said.

“In the place of guns and masks, this cyber crime organization used laptops and the Internet. Moving as swiftly as data over the Internet, the organization worked its way from the computer systems of international corporations to the streets of New York City, with the defendants fanning out across Manhattan to steal millions of dollars from hundreds of ATMs in a matter of hours,” said Lynch, whose office in Brooklyn, New York, brought the case.

The case demonstrates the major threat that cyber crime poses to banks around the world. Security experts frequently identify electronic fraud as one of the key challenges facing banks today.

“Hackers only need to find one vulnerability to cause millions of dollars of damage,” said Mark Rasch, a former federal cyber crimes prosecutor, based in Bethesda, Maryland.

In the December attack, hackers gained access to an Indian credit card processor that handled prepaid Mastercard Inc debit cards for National Bank of Ras Al Khaimah PSC, or RAKBANK, according to a criminal indictment.

The second operation was far larger than the first attack, eventually totalling $40 million in losses to Bank of Muscat.

In late February, Bank Muscat disclosed that it would take an impairment charge of up to 15 million rials (25.2 million pounds) because it had been defrauded overseas using 12 prepaid debit cards used for travel. That charge was equal to more than half of the 25 million rials profit it posted in its first quarter ended March 31.

The indictment does not identify the processor companies.

Bank representatives could not be reached for comment outside of regular business hours.

In both cases, the hackers boosted the available balance for each card and eliminated the withdrawal limits, allowing them to take out huge sums of money from ATMs in what prosecutors called an “unlimited operation.”

A single account number, for instance, yielded nearly $9 million in profits, including $2.4 million in New York City alone, prosecutors said.

The hackers distributed the account numbers to coordinated “casher” crews stationed across the globe, who siphoned millions of dollars from ATMs within a span of hours in December 2012 and February 2013.

One of the New York defendants was caught in surveillance footage from ATMs in Manhattan during the February operation, prosecutors said.

After the cards were shut down, cashers laundered the proceeds, often by purchasing luxury goods, and sent a portion of the money back to the organization’s leaders, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors said they seized hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and bank accounts, as well as two Rolex watches and a Mercedes SUV, from the New York defendants.

No individual bank accounts were compromised by the scheme, Lynch said.

The eighth defendant charged in the indictment, Alberto Yusi LajudPea, also known as “Prime” and “Albertico,” was murdered on April 27 in the Dominican Republic, according to prosecutors. Lynch said it was unclear whether the murder was related to the cybercrime case.

How the Rolex Watch Company Began

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

How the Rolex Watch Company Began

When the soldiers came home from battle the wristwatch gained even more popularity. The watch was no longer seen as feminine since all these brave men were wearing them. With its popularity came more improvements. Some of the first improvements were to make the watches more water and dust resistant. Although Rolex did not begin this trend they did improve the design and make the first truly waterproof watch.

The name Rolex is a very popular name in the wristwatch scene. Rolex is known pretty well for its good quality. Rolex became popular during wartimes, and continues to be to this day. The company was not always known as The Rolex Watch Company, Ltd., but was named this later. Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of the company, made much advancement in the wristwatch scene. Even others still did not believe in their accuracy, he continued to try and make them more accurate and durable. He is also credited with sending the first wristwatch to Switzerland for accuracy testing. With the success of his watches passing the tests overseas, Wilsdorf decided to keep going on his quest for a better watch.

When the soldiers came home from battle the wristwatch gained even more popularity. The watch was no longer seen as feminine since all these brave men were wearing them. With its popularity came more improvements. Some of the first improvements were to make the watches more water and dust resistant. Although Rolex did not begin this trend they did improve the design and make the first truly waterproof watch.

Other advancements were also being made to improve the durability of the wristwatch. The faces were replace with ones made of synthetic plastic. This made them much more durable and resistant to breaking and cracking. Another advancement was in the dials. The dials were now being made out of metal.

Another advancement in the wristwatch was the self winding watch. Rolex introduced their self winding wrist watch in 1931. The design must have been good, because it is still being used in wristwatches today.

The wristwatch continued to see more and more improvements over the years. Watchmakers began making more and more models over the years for people to choose from. The wristwatch was made out of necessity, but has come a long way since then.

The Rolex Company received their first award for their watches in 1910, this was a great accomplishment. They continue to receive rewards to this day. In fact, they receive more rewards for their watches than any other companies combined.

The Rolex Company has definitely done a lot for the wristwatch industry. They made much advancement in the design of the wristwatch that helped us get to what we have today. If you are looking for a great watch, look into a Rolex. Syndicate this article.

Authentic Wholesale Rolex Watch Online Stores Offer Quality Replica Watches

Monday, June 24th, 2013

Authentic Wholesale Rolex Watch Online Stores Offer Quality Replica Watches

Sunglasses, handbags, perfumes are some of the fashionable accessories which everybody loves to possess and flaunt. However, recently, it has been discovered that watches constitute a significant item of fashionable accessories; therefore the market is flourishing with numerous branded watches, which are elegant and masterpieces of luxury and exotic beauty. Talking about one such brand, Rolex, is considered as a leading manufacturer of luxurious watches offering elegant designs, vivid colors, etc. in its several models.

With the increasing demand of branded Rolex watches, many manufacturers have started manufacturing Rolex imitation watches. Rolex watches are very expensive, hence everybody cannot afford them. On the other hand, replicas are inexpensive and provide same functionality and appearance at lesser prices, therefore, people prefer purchasing replica Rolex watches. However, from which authentic wholesale Rolex watch online stores a watch should be purchased is a matter of concern for most of the buyers.

It can be said that buying replica watches through internet is the best alternatives as stores offer numerous designs and style of watches. However, finding a reputable and reliable online store of wholesale Rolex watch supplier is a tedious task. So, finding such a wholesale Rolex watches online store involves great research. There are numerous online stores, which ensure to provide the best quality of replica watches at costeffective rates. However, many manufacturers offer low quality replica watches to the customers at a very low prices in order to attract them. Therefore, do not forget to make thorough research over the internet before placing an order for replica watches. Below assorted are some of the points which a buyer must keep in mind while making purchases:

Stores that claim to be the “cheapest Wholesale replica Rolex watches online store” are not considered to be the best sources to buy replica watches. An authenticity of reliable good online store can be confirmed by gaining knowledge about the facts like whether it is registered or not, having genuine informative website, valid phone number or not, etc. images are not copied from another Rolex websites.

Professional Wholesale Rolex watches supplier offer variety of products to its customers. They always keep latest collections of replica watches for alluring the customers.

Apart from all these factors, another important point is Replica watch market is a competitive market. With the new entrants of suppliers and wholesalers, competition is becoming fiercer. Therefore, wholesale Rolex watch stores are following the tendency of supplying quality replica watches that are thoroughly tested by quality controls specialists at affordable rates, but not at very low prices. At very less prices, only knockoffs are available in the market; therefore compare the price of other stores as well, before making any final purchase.

Above mentioned factors are some of the factors which assist buyers in buying quality replica watches. One can easily find various models of replicas like Submariner, Explorer, GMT Master, DayDate, Swiss, Daytona, President and many other models. So, it is advised to follow a watchful attitude before investing money in replica Rolex watches.

Summary Replica Rolex watches are quality watches which can be availed at affordable rates. Make a purchase from reliable wholesale Rolex watches store before buying replica watches.